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Knitter's neck got you down?

Repetitive motions create more pain than you might think.

If you're like me when fall hits I can't help but pick out some soft yarn and cozy up to work on a new knitting project. Literally hours can go by hyper-focused on the rhythmic motions of crafting a new sweater, scarf or hat. And then when I finally neck, shoulders and back are telling me I have overdone it! My very first chiropractic appointment was because I had knitted my neck into spasm. What I really needed was some gua sha and acupuncture to break up the connective tissue adhesions and relax the muscle tension created from doing the same micro-movements for hours.

Be it knitting, crocheting, crafting or putting together a Halloween costume, hours of hunched backs and intricate finger work can put anyone in some of the worst pain imagineable. But try not to push through it! Pain is the only signal your body has to tell you it's upset and needs something to change. Acupuncture, cupping and gua sha are fantastic ways to care for all of your aches and pains so you can keep doing the work you love!

Pictured here is a patient post gua sha treatment for shoulder pain. The red markings are similar to cupping and are created by rubbing a special tool over oiled skin repeatedly. These markings reflect adhesions in the tissues that have released. Often patients come off the table saying "wow, I can move!" with noticeable relief instantly.

This therapy both increases blood flow to the area and increases tissue flexibility.

Examples of gua sha tools I use in clinic.

And yes! This is me! Everything that I practice in clinic I have experienced on my own body and gua sha has been a revolutionary healing modality for me. I receive it regularly along with acupuncture to keep my body moving well with less pain. Pictured here are markings from adhesions in the intercostal spaces of my ribs. These adhesions made my breathing shallow and reduced my thoracic spine flexibility which impacted me on a daily basis. So if you're looking to give gua sha a try mention it at your next appointment!

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