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Health and the Holidays - Gift ideas and solutions!

Meal Tray

Feeding yourself can be a struggle when your health takes a nosedive, which is why I recommend a "ready to go meal tray" to my patients who need it! Check out my TikTok Tray Video to get the scoop on why a tray might be the right gift for someone you love this holiday season.


UTK Heating Pad

One of my FAVORITE gifts to myself was this infrared natural jade and tourmaline heating pad. Fantastic for keeping achey muscles and joints warm. Infrared heat penetrates deep into the tissues and stimulates cells to restore rapidly. You can set it to the perfect cozy temp and enjoy all winter long!


Holiday Shopping Made Easy for Concussions and Injury Recovery Online Event Tuesday, December 5th 3pm - 3:45pm If you don't know of a gift to get someone recovering from a concussion, or have been too tired to pick one out, we got you covered! Meet Gina, a concussion specialist, who curated local gifts with concussions and injuries in mind.


Holiday Personal Shopper

If you or a loved one is recovering from injury and need help with errands, Diane is here to help! She is a personal shopper who is offering a special this holiday season for those needing help getting their holiday errands complete while trying to heal.

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